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Our lawn care treatments are designed to give you the best looking, healthiest lawn with minimum maintenance.

  • Soil Analysis will help to determine the correct treatment required for any lawn troubles as it is important to maintain the right pH level.
  • Our fertiliser treatment provides essential nutrients to improve your lawns condition, the treatments help keep your lawn health, improve the colour and protect even during long dry spells.
  • Our Weed Treatment, fertile soil and good weather are conducive to weeds being able to germinate very quickly; our selective herbicide, sprayed on these weeds when they are young, helps to reduce their presence in the lawn.

Sometimes patches appear these can be caused by damage, were weeds have been removed, particularly moss. These patches will require Overseeding, the ideal month to overseed is September but can also be done in Spring (March-May) as long as the soil temperature is at least 7-8 degrees.