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PEST CONTROL Tunbridge Wells

SDR Conservation operating in Tunbridge Wells specialise in ‘discreet’ pest control for both residential and commercial Tunbridge Wells clients.  All of our team are fully qualified, insured and accredited ensuring a professional service at all times.

  • Wasp nest removal Tunbridge Wells
  • Vermin, rats & mice removal Tunbridge Wells
  • Bedbugs & fleas removal Tunbridge Wells
  • Ants & Cockroaches removal Tunbridge Wells
  • Pigeons and other birds removal Tunbridge Wells
  • Expert wildlife advice Tunbridge Wells


Raw materials and feed costs are rising all the time. As a horse owner you can save money by maximising grass production on your grazing land. This means ensuring your Tunbridge Wells paddocks are in the best of health providing essential nutrients. Weeds, moss and poor soil conditions can reduce grass growth so by correcting any problems you can increase productivity and utilise your most cost effective feed-stuff.

Whether your horse lives out 24/7 or is turned out for a few hours a day, pasture management is of the utmost importance to your horse’s health. Horses will spend up to 16 hours a day eating so investing time, money and resources into your pasture will be beneficial in the long-term.

SDR Conservation of Tunbridge Wells provides professional, reliable services to manage and maintain your grassland.
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SDR Conservation operating in Tunbridge Wells are fully trained and insured in all types of Herbicide & Pesticide spraying. We hold the following: City and Guilds Pa1, Pa6 and Pa6W accreditation for application of herbicides and pesticides, LANTRA award.

Nowadays it is illegal to spray any professional herbicide or pesticide without these qualifications. For your peace of mind we are also members of the National Register Of Sprayer Operators NRoSO