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SDR Conservation specialise in ‘discreet’ pest control for both residential and commercial clients. All of our team are fully qualified, insured and accredited ensuring a professional service at all times.


Rats can transmit a number of serious diseases. They can be very persistent and if rats gain access into your property they can spread disease, cause damage and contaminate food. A single rat can leave up to 25,000 droppings. Taking prompt action at the first sign of rats will ensure your problem can be quickly treated.


Finding mice in your home or business can be very distressing. Mice are known to spread disease. The natural and constant gnawing habit of mice means they can also cause damage to your property, furnishings and equipment. Simple measures like proofing your property against rodents such as mice can help to protect you.


When squirrels find a place to nest, this becomes their ‘territory’, and they will protect their territory at all costs. Especially when they have young in the nest. This means they can become very agitated and even aggressive when disturbed.


Left to their own devices, rabbits can quickly cause lasting and significant damage to paddocks, buildings, crops and trees. They can wreak havoc on a garden, either by eating the plants or by destroying the landscaping. In severe cases, they can short out wires and cables as they gnaw on them, which can cost you a lot of money in the long run.


Foxes are now a common occurrence in cities and towns across the UK, for people who keep small pets such as rabbits or poultry they can be a real concern. They know that humans are a good source of food, and thanks to this improved availability of food they have taken the opportunity to live closer to us.